"I can highly recommend Blue Whale Theatre company.  Their recent performance of 'A Bright Light in the Darkness' on the life Catherine McAuley captured the essence of our charism in a way that was highly educational, formative and thoroughly engaging.  Their research and attention to detail was evidenced in the nuanced way they brought our story alive to our school communities who were totally captured by the quality of the actors"

Natalie Acton, Formerly of the Mercy Ethos Office, Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia

Version 2 -  Stage 1 students - A 45 minute production in 3 sections.

As with version 1, the children are invited to ask Mary questions about how she felt at certain moments in her life as seen in the play.

This special version of Mary's story has been adapted from the original production to make it accessible to younger children.

Show duration with questions: 45 - 50 minutes (flexible).

Version 1 -  Stages 2 and 3, suitable for primary and secondary school students.

An hour long production in 3 sections.  15 minutes workshop time.  With the aid of an actor/facilitator, the audience are invited to ask the actor playing Mry MacKillop questions through a theatrical device known as 'hot seating'.

The hot seating sessions take place after each of three sections of the play.

Show duration with questions 1 hour 15 minutes (flexible - can be performed in an hour if needed).


Blue Whale Theatre bring everything to your school and set up in the hall or designated performance space. We can perform in any space big or small, the set is adaptable and likewise we can adapt the playing to suit audience and space.

 We bring music system/ speakers, professional theatre backdrop, beautiful period costumes made especially for the show, theatre set, props and the carefully chosen cast of three professional actor/ workshop facilitators. 

Our professional theatre backdrop means we don’t even require a stage to perform on; we can transform any indoor space into a theatre venue. All we require from you, is an empty space with a power socket and an audience. We do all the rest. The actors will require 40 minutes - an hour to set up in the hall prior to the first performance.

All our actors are professional performers and theatre graduates who have been hand picked through a careful audition/interview process to make this show happen. All Blue Whale Theatre actors carry WWC Checks and appropriate insurance. The week of the shows, Blue Whale Theatre email all WWC Checks and photographs to the school office - for identification on the day of your performance. 

"The Mary MacKillop performance last week was terrific! I had great feedback from teachers and parents. The actors were very professional and presented an excellent performance. The script was well written and the students enjoyed the opportunity to ask Mary questions at the end of each act. I think this was a clever way to present the story of her life. I was impressed with the types of questions the students asked which is evidence of how engaged they were in the performance!”

Meaghan Kwiatkowski REC Villa Maria Catholic Primary, Hunters Hill. Sydney.

"Mary MacKillop’s story was a heart touching story that really made me think about what I could and can do to help others. I learnt that Mary of the Cross was excommunicated from the church, which meant she couldn't talk to the sisters, she couldn't enter the church, and most importantly she couldn't talk to God in prayer in the church. When she was excommunicated from the church and the sisters I felt depressed and sad because if I was in her situation... because Mary didn't do anything to harm anyone or anything.  After watching this performance I know to “never see a need without doing something about it”.

By Rachel year 6, Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary, Sydney 2017.

"When I watched this performance I learned about how I should care more about poor people. When Mary MacKillop saw a need she did something about it, that was her special saying. I learned that she went by the name of 'Mary of the Cross' MacKillop. Mary went through hard times like when she was very sick she didn't want to see a doctor because she thought it was selfish to spend any money on herself. Overall I learned that Mary MacKillop is a great person and no wonder she is the first Saint of Australia!"

Georgia, Year 6, Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary, Gladesville, Sydney 2017.

"Thank you for a wonderful play on the life of Mary MacKillop. All the children and teachers raved about it .

Yet again another wonderful experience of professional storytelling from Blue Whale Theatre. Thank you again for your expert performances and professional actors who brought the story of Mary MacKillop to life for the current generation."

Emma Lenehan, Our Lady Queen of Peace Primary, Sydney.

An incredible production! A must see for schools (and big kids alike!) You personified your characters so well and truely captured the life of one courageous woman. Congratulations to all!
Anne Marie Gallagher Education Officer, Mary MacKillop Place 2018

'Mary - A Story of Courage' is available in 2 versions

Following the success of our production A Bright Light in the Darkness we were asked by schools we had visited to create a performance that demonstrates how Mary MacKillop arose from humble beginnings to a life that touched thousands.  Her courage and unrelenting pursuit of doing good in the name of the church still reaches people across the world today and her place in history is set as Australia's first and only saint.  But a life such as hers was not easy.  We show how she overcame numerous set backs, oppositions and tragedies to become a leading example of human fortitude.  'Mary - A Story of Courage' is an interactive, engaging and thought-provoking production that will appeal to students and adults of all ages.

Costs to book production in your school.  

For Primary schools:

$10 p/head for the first 100 students

$8 p/head for second 100 students

$6 p/head for the third 100 students

$4 p/head for students after this

*Price per head excludes 10% GST.

Prices include Blue Whale Theatre travel expenses. 

School performances for Secondary schools are costed on audience size. Please get in touch for details. 

Mary - A Story of Courage first toured primary an secondary schools in 2017 and received excellent feedback across NSW.  We are touring NSW, VIC 2021/ 2022.  The calendar will soon be full, book now to confirm your show!

To book email info@bluewhaletheatre.com or call 0401418323

An incredible production! A must see for schools (and big kids alike!) You personified your characters so well and truely captured the life of one courageous woman. Congratulations to all!

Anne Marie Gallagher Education Officer, Mary MacKillop Place 2018


To book: email info@bluewhaletheatre.com or call 0401 418 323