Silly Billy Barbara is a space traveller from the planet Whizzy Fizzy Woo. The people of Whizzy Fizzy Woo, love to play games, count to 10 and have lots of fun with their friends! On Planet Whizzy Fizzy Woo, you can do anything you want to do, as long as you wear your special thinking caps boys and girls!!

But lately Silly Billy Barbara’s magic tricks have been going all wrong! She turned  1 apple into 3 bananas! And then she turned her little pink house, into all 7 colours of the rainbow!!!! She quite likes her new rainbow house, but there is definitely something silly going on with her Whizzy Fizzy magic box!!!

Silly Billy Barbara wants to go and see her friend Sailor Sam, who lives on Planet Wiggle Bottom. But to do that she has to get her magic box working again...

Help Silly Billy Barbara fix her space rocket to get to Planet Wiggle Bottom! Barbara will take your children on a fantastically funny, and incredibly silly magical adventure - counting all the things we see along the way! Contains interactive magic, numeracy activities, special songs and dances and an introduction to clocks and telling the time.

Interactive Numeracy Theatre Show for little ones...

Perfect for National Literacy and numeracy Week!

Show outline. 45 minutes duration. Interactive numeracy show adventure. Contains fun interactive counting songs, problem solving activites with numbers, an introduction to clocks and time telling, interactive performer lead group dancing, magic tricks, lots of fun, tonnes of giggles and audience participation!

Great for Preschool, Kindergarten and Year 1 audiences!

*Price: $390 a show for an audience of up to 40. Cost is inclusive of GST and travel. Have a larger group? Call us to discuss!

$390 a show for preschool and Kindy audiences*!

Interactive Storytime Theatre Show...

Silly Billy Barbara - Let's Count

To book: email or call 0401418323

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