Early Years Shows

Staying Healthy with

Sailor Sam

Storybook Delights

Evie the Christmas Elf show and Evie and Holly the Christmas Elves show!

Play, sing and dance along with Sailor Sam as he explores the importance of healthy eating, exercise, sun safety and dental hygiene as part of a healthy lifestyle!

Allow one of our magical storytellers to lead you on a captivating journey through time... Relive the adventure with Blue Whale Theatre as together, we recreate the traditional and popular story of Goldilocks and the three bears through larger than life storytelling,  music,  song, dance and finger puppetry.

At Blue Whale Theatre it is our mission to provide exciting and engaging dramatic incursions for schools, preschools and Kindergartens in NSW.

Blue Whale Theatre was developed to deliver high quality  educational shows and Christmas entertainment direct to your classroom or school hall throughout the year!

Blue Whale Theatre incursions are fun, interactive and stimulate the senses of your children. Our special mix of theatre, storytelling, singing, dancing, music and fun will have your children talking about us for years to come!

No buses to arrange excursions out of school! Our talented performers bring EVERYTHING direct to your school hall/  classroom then wow your children with an awesome show!

Affordable! Our shows are extremely affordable at competitive rates. Discounts also apply for large audiences and bookings of more than one show!

So easy to book! Stress free professional booking system - keeping you in the know about your upcoming shows!

To book: email info@bluewhaletheatre.com or call 0401418323