Can you hear that music?... jingle, jingle, it's party time!

Interactive Storytime Theatre Show...

Evie the

Christmas Elf

Show time 45 minutes.

Version 1: Suitable for preschool audiences age 2 - 5, costs $390 for an audience of up to 40 children.

Version 2: Suitable for Primary School kindergarten classes and for Year 1 students, minimum cost $390 for up to 40 children.  Shows with more than 60 children will get 2 live performing elves; Evie and Charlie the Christmas Elves!

Please contact us for more details and your show quote.

Help Evie recreate the atmosphere of the wintery North Pole! Listen to stories of Santa’s journey visiting the boys and girls in different parts of the world. Take part in a fun Christmas magic show and play a Christmas game with Evie! Book Evie now for your extra special Christmas treat at Preschool. Fun and festive frolics by the bucket load!

Show outline - Evie the Christmas Elf show includes interactive winter storytelling, magic tricks galore, beautiful singing, performer lead group dancing and fun Christmas party games with Evie! 40 - 45 minutes duration. Fun, laughter and Christmas joy guaranteed! Stickers and stamps for each child.

Runs from late November to December 2021/ 2022.

Two versions of the show suitable for ages 2-5 and 5- 7. COSTS start $390 to have the 'Evie the Christmas Elf' show at your preschool or Kindergarten! All quotes inclusive of GST. 

"Hi Therase Joanne playing Evie the Christmas Elf was AMAZING!!! All the children loved her and great feedback from not only the educators, but the parents too!" Patricia - director at Little Learning School Brookvale, Sydney

Interactive Numeracy Theatre Show for little ones...

It is almost Christmas and to Evie the Christmas Elf that means helping Santa in the North Pole. She’s busy busy making toys for the girls and boys, feeding the reindeer, making Christmas cookies,  packing the sleigh and spreading oodles of christmas joy!

But this year Santa has allowed Evie to have a holiday visiting the boys and girls in NSW Australia!!  She is so excited and has never been to a warm country before! Evie can’t wait to visit your Preschool for an extra magical morning or afternoon.

'Evie and Charlie the Christmas Elves' show last Friday was truly AMAZING!! All children and families were very engaged and amazed with the show and the parents gave me a great feedback about it too. It was great to see the energy and we can't wait to have you back at the campus again.
 Thanks again for providing such great entertainment!"

Director, Only About Children North Parramatta, NSW

To book: email or call 0401418323